Central European Review of Economics & Finance

Peer review procedure

Each manuscript through online submission has been subjected to the peer review process prior to publication. All manuscripts are peer reviewed, typically by two reviewers and also are subject to a preliminary linguistic assessment by a linguistic editor.

Manuscripts are evaluated in the first instance by the Editor in Chief and Associate Editors. If the paper is considered to be of interest, it undergoes blind peer review by two referees prior to publication.

Materials for publication are also evaluated by a statistical editor so as to verify the accuracy of the statistical methods which have been used in the article.

At least one referee is affiliated in a foreign institution other than the author’s nationality.

The review process is double-blind to provide anonymity for both authors and referee.

When double-blind peer review process is difficult to create (narrow field of the article with relatively few specialists), referee is supposed to sign the no conflict of interests declaration. Conflict of interest is when:

  – there is a family relationship between referee and author
  – there is an employment relationship
  – there has been professional scientific cooperation between referee
    and author for two years before double-blind process

Reviewers are asked to comment on whether the paper is suitable for publication and, if not, what changes might be needed or maybe it should be rejected.

Please note the following regarding the submission of manuscripts to Central European Review of Economic and Finance:

  – Manuscript are innovative and contribute new knowledge to the field
    of health promotion and related disciplines.
  – a submitted review article  offers a comprehensive critical review
    and evaluation of key literature sources for a given topic;
  – the article is methodologically and technically sound.

  – The article provides an appropriate context for reviewing the literature

  – The article provides graphical materials

The names of referees are not revealed in the following editions of the magazine. The list of the referees is published once a year on the magazine website.